Child Safety for the 21st Century

One time, when I was a little girl, I lost my Dad at a local amusement park. Boy, was that inconvenient! I’d have much rather spent those 45 minutes riding rides or watching the fireworks show instead of heading for the nearest park attendant to help me search for him. Six-year-olds these days have it so much easier! AT&T has launched two new products, the … More →

Play it safe with Geek Squad Protection

Smartphones are certainly not cheap, so you will want to protect your investment in as many ways as possible. Preventative measures such as protective shields and cases help a lot, but they’re not 100% effective. We’ve all had those really clumsy days where you drop your phone and for some reason you try to “catch” it with your foot – you punt the phone and … More →

Meet the latest Samsung tablets

Look out Samsung Tab 3 and iPad Mini’s! There are a couple of new tablets coming to town. Let me introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4! Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Very light design at an affordable price The Tab 3 Lite is exactly what it names suggest, lightweight and powerful at a reasonable price. … More →

On the Road with a Best Buy Mobile Trainer

One of the things I’ve always admired about Best Buy was its dedication to training the employees.  When someone joins Best Buy, they head out to a five-day or two-weekend training seminar called Best Buy Mobile Induction (detailed here by Erin Yucel) to learn what Best Buy is all about and how we should take care of our customers.  In Erin’s article, she said, “thank … More →

Meet the LG G Flex Smart Phone

Faces and hands have curves. Eyeballs? Curved. Phone screens have almost always been flat…but we’re about to get thrown a curveball. I remember the first time I strolled into a Magnolia and saw a TV with a curved screen. I never really believed that a simple curve on a screen could improve the immersion you feel when watching something, but it was true. Now, LG … More →

Meet the Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone

To the dismay of some, the word “Phablet” is catching on. The Phone + Tablet hybrids technically first existed with the Dell Streak, but they actually became popular with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Since then, we have not seen too many options come out besides the ever-growing Note series – not to mention all the options have been running Android. That is, … More →

New Gadget Set up Tablet Edition

Boy, was Christmas great for me. Not only did I get a new laptop (The Acer C720 Chromebook for those who were wondering), but I also got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. NERD ALERT!! I’ve officially sold my soul to Google. I haven’t been able to put down my tablet since I got it. I even took it to my grandmother’s family event … More →

Device compatibility is expanding your world

Today’s technologies allow us to connect our devices wirelessly through several different avenues. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a couple of the different networking technologies that allow you to transfer files and do wireless streaming. Naturally they each have their perks and drawbacks.  We’ll review each of these them here; then we’ll cover some cool things you can do with each that you may not have … More →

Blue Shirt Tips: Jess on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Each month we spotlight some hot connected devices as chosen by our Blue Shirt employees in our Best Buy Mobile Buyer’s Guide. Let’s see what Jess has to say about the Samsung Galaxy S 4. You can access the full settings panel by swiping down with two fingers on the notifications bar. This can also be customized by selecting the pencil icon. Change the lock-screen shortcuts … More →

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