Customer Kudos: Black Tie, broadband and boutiques

Every now and then we like to share stories from Best Buy shoppers and employees that highlight our famous mobile customer service. If you have a similar anecdote to share, please don’t hesitate to send it our way!

Tonight I had a customer who had just purchased an iPhone for herself a few days ago. Her husband was wowed by it, and decided to upgrade his own device after swearing he would stick by his Motorola Razr forever. He wanted the exact same experience as his wife. We picked out the right accessories together and talked about our Black Tie Protection program. He told me he had just adopted young girls and was worried about the glass phone breaking. At the close, both left with a fully protected, jazzed up smart phone, and I left with a perfect sale.
– Bryan Aslaksen, Best Buy Mobile Sales Consultant, Store 582, Springfield, PA

Today a woman and her granddaughter entered our store looking for a new laptop. She said that she owned a boutique and needed internet access to maintain her business. This lead to a conversation about the benefits and offerings of mobile broadband. Soon afterwards, our customer decided that Verizon offered her the flexibility to maintain her business from any location that she may be traveling to. Along with a new laptop, our customer purchased and activated a Verizon broadband card, saying that she was very satisfied with the deals that Best Buy offered.
– Rani Saba, Best Buy Mobile Sales Consultant, Store 898, South Philadelphia, PA

Yesterday we got swamped, and personally I love it when it’s like that! We had a few customers that were extremely happy that we had Droid 2s in because they’d been looking everywhere for them and they couldn’t wait to upgrade. They learned out about our Black Tie Protection program and that it suited them a lot better than our competitors’ insurance, since we have no deductible and an unlimited amount of claims per year. They all ended up getting accessories and Black Tie Protection and said that they will tell the rest of their family and friends to come to our store because they loved the customer service here (unlike some competitors where they feel pressured into buying or they don’t get contacted at all when they walk in).
– Harry Hemphill, Best Buy Mobile Sales Consultant, Store 1183, Liverpool, NY

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