Your first smartphone: What to expect

“There are so many phones!! Where do I start?” We hear that question all the time, especially from first-time smartphone shoppers. It’s an understatement to say there are a lot of choices in the mobile world, but you can cut down on the confusion by remembering these handy tips.

Do Your Research
Smartphones are one of the hottest topics in the tech world, so there’s no shortage of research resources available to studious shoppers.

Best Buy Mobile Buyer’s Guide – For the people who still like ink and paper, it’s a helpful list of phones and basic specs, like camera resolution, battery life and operating system. – Simple, quick way to compare more detailed features like processor, screen resolution/type, and available RAM. Device Simulator (just click the phone you want) – Handy way to learn how to navigate through the phone. It’s an online guided demonstration that lets you try things like: “Show me how to delete an application,” or “Show me how to add a contact.” This may eliminate confusion and help you narrow down which operating system you like best.

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a spin, would you? You’ll need to touch the phone, play with it and put it in your pocket or purse to really get a feel for it. A Best Buy Mobile consultant can walk you through the basics while letting you do the driving. Whether you’ve done your research or this is your first time even handling a smartphone, we always recommend a guided, hands-on tour.

Walk Out Working
One of the best reasons to get your phone at Best Buy Mobile is our free Walk Out Working setup. Ask for any of these options and we’ll gladly do it all for you.

◦ Data transfer – We have about 150 types of cables! We’ll save you the headache and long hours of transferring your own contacts, pictures and videos.
◦ Personal email setup
◦ Social networking
◦ Voicemail set-up – Don’t laugh! If you’ve ever set up voicemail for someone who doesn’t know how, you’ll understand why it’s important!
◦ Application installation – We’re all geeks in Best Buy Mobile, and we live on our phones. We’ll recommend apps tailored to your lifestyle.
◦ Bluetooth set-up

Resources After You Leave
At this point, you and your mobile consultant are probably buddies, and we know the names of your kids, and your favorite ice cream flavor. When you leave, you’ll have our contact info, so feel free to call us for anything from a simple question to setting up a follow-up appointment. There are also a few other resources you might find helpful.

◦ The Internet: You can do a quick search of forums based on your new device. Here are some of the popular ones:
◦ Your instruction manual: We know, everyone hates them, but they do contain some essential info! If your phone doesn’t come with a detailed user guide, check your manufacturer’s website.

Essential tips
It helps to have realistic expectations about what your smartphone can and can’t do.

◦ It’s normal for it to freeze once in a while, or slow down, just like a computer. Many times, a soft reset will do. If it happens very frequently, contact your sales consultant.
◦ Your smartphone performs many more functions than your old one did. Chances are your battery will drain pretty quickly. Turn that brightness down, bring a car charger, and check with us for some battery-saving tips.
◦ If it acts sluggish or operates badly (and it was fine before), think back to the most recent apps you’ve downloaded and try uninstalling those. They could be causing an issue.
◦ Keep up to date on your software, whether it’s over the air or a manual sync with your computer. Updates can fix many common issues.

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