App review: Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile

Drawing has always been something I love to do. Unfortunately I can’t always have all of my materials with me. Now I can have the next best thing thanks to my smartphone and software developer Autodesk.

Autodesk makes an awesome little app called Sketchbook Mobile. There are two different versions to download, the full version, which only costs a couple of dollars, and the Express version, which is free. These apps are available for both Android and iOS operating systems. On Android devices you will need a higher-end device running 2.1 or higher and a 1Mhz processor. If you aren’t sure about your phone, stop in to your local Best Buy Mobile and ask one of our knowledgeable consultants.

The full version has features and tools you would expect from professional level drawing software.

• 45 brush tip presets all with multiple controls to change the look and feel

• Mirror mode, which lets you draw on one side and redraws it for you on the other (great for drawing faces or other symmetrical images
• Choice of brush strokes or shape tools
• Multiple layers with blending modes (up to 6)
• Text tool

• Export in PNG, JPEG, and PSD formats

The express version has a limited set of tools designed to get you up and running.

• Brushes are limited to 5
• Layers are limited to 3
• No advanced controls over the shape of brush tips
• Lower canvass size
• Exports only as PNG

Drawings can be a bit tricky on a phone screen but you can undo any mistakes. On tablets the full version takes advantage of all that extra screen real estate. Whether you are a professional artist or just looking for a way to pass the time while waiting to get your teeth drilled, Sketchbook Mobile is something you should install on all of your touch screen devices. Try the free version and I bet you’ll be paying the couple of bucks for the full version.

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