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Ever go into a store looking for something and find out that the store doesn’t have that item in store any more? It happens often with retailers, but Best Buy Mobile has a way to heal the disappointment and still get you the phone you’ve wanted. It’s called the Instant Ship program, and it works how it sounds.

Out of stock? No worries
Instant Ship is dedicated to getting you the phone that you had your heart set on. It can work a couple different ways. If you walk into a mobile store and the store is sold out of the phone you were looking to purchase, no reason to fret. Instant Ship will scan the inventory of our warehouse and find that phone. Once the phone is located, you can upgrade or start a new line right in the store that day. Once you pay for the phone it should be in your hands within 2-5 business days.

Free shipping
Best Buy Mobile will even pay for shipping directly to your house. Once you receive the phone, all you have to do is turn it on. The phone activates through a “hands free” process; in simpler terms, the phone can activate itself. (Note: certain phones may require additional customer input for final activation.) So after a temporary wait, you get the phone of your dreams.

Colors and carriers
There are also other reasons Instant Ship is a good choice for customer satisfaction. Many phones come in different colors and the most popular colors usually sell out first. No problem, Instant Ship can get the right color for you. Another use of Instant Ship is to purchase a phone on a carrier your local Best Buy Mobile doesn’t display in the store. Even if your local store doesn’t carry T-Mobile phones, say, you can still purchase one through the Instant Ship program.

Keep it classic
Phones change models and styles pretty often. Maybe the phone you wanted already has a different model or isn’t being sold in stores anymore. If Best Buy Mobile still sells it online, Instant Ship is an easy way to get it and already have it activated.

This program not only ensures that you will receive the phone that you really wanted, but it ensures a great price, shipping paid for, an already activated phone and a minimal wait time. Don’t settle for sold out, just instant ship it.

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  1. There’s nothing instant about it. It’s just shipping the phone. Call it what it is…shipping. 2-5 business days isn’t that great. Overnight…now that would be instant.