TracFone no-contract phones: Now available at Best Buy

One of Best Buy Mobile’s core promises is offering its customers a better choice of phones and networks, and Best Buy Mobile continues that promise with the recent addition of TracFone to its prepaid carrier lineup. What sets TracFone apart from other prepaid carriers offered at Best Buy Mobile is its usability and feature offerings.

Track your spending
With TracFone’s airtime balance display, your screen displays the minutes, service end date and days left, so you know how much talk and text time you have and when you’ll need to add airtime to keep your service active.

Unlimited carry over
TracFone’s unlimited carry over allows you to accumulate minutes and service days as long as you keep your phone service active.

International calling
Calls to more than 100 international countries cost the same price as a local TracFone call. With TracFone’s International Neighbors Service, your family and friends living in Mexico or Canada can call directly to your TracFone without paying for an international long distance call and you will pay for just a regular call.

Unlimited double minutes
Specially marked TracFones offer Unlimited Double Minutes, which gives you a bonus minute for every minute you buy and add to your TracFone, for the life of the phone.


Plans offered by TracFone at Best Buy Mobile include:

–          60 Minutes with 90 Access Days for $19.99
–          120 Minutes with 90 Access Days for $29.99
–          200 Minutes with 90 Access Days for $39.99
–          450 Minutes with 90 Access Days for $79.99
–          400 Minutes with 365 Access Days for $99.99
–          Add the Double Minutes feature to your service for $24.99
–          Get Double Minutes and 365 Access Days, plus 800 minutes for $124.99

Phones offered by TracFone at Best Buy Mobile include the Samsung T105 and T245G and the LG 500G and 800G. TracFone offers GSM (SIM Card) and is available online and at Best Buy Mobile stores nationwide. Looking for a prepaid carrier? Choose from a variety of services offered at Best Buy Mobile!



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  1. Well all the phones I’ve had so far were Tracfone, my nseewt is a Net10. I previously had an LG 400g that was able to transfer pictures, polyphonic ringtones, and .jar apps through BT. (It didn’t take video or support mp3/tones). The Samsung can transfer pictures, videos, and music (mp3 and tones). It will transfer the .jar apps but won’t run them like the old one for some reason I think Tracfone/Net10 are lightening up on the connectivity (the web supports so much more now also)

  2. Adding the double minute service for $25 has been well worth my while. At first I wondered whether I was just buying into an unecessary expense, now I realise just how much money I am saving and am thankful for that – this is a $25 that is well worth spent

    • It’s a very good looking phone, I know it’s not quite the same class but it raelly looks like the iPhone and I love the fact that it runs on Verizon’s network nationwide. I have been very happy with my Finesse so far, I don’t need all the iPhone apps, most people will play with their phones for the first month or two then it just goes back to being a communications device with a camera and MP3 player; I raelly don’t need any more than that. the touchscreen is very nice to have for a person like me that often pushes the wrong buttons so with this I can do what I need a lot easier. The unlimited everything is such a good price and on Verizon’s network nationwide that Straight Talk is rated my number one provider.

  3. Glad to hear the TracFone service was the right choice for you reeve. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Did I hear the wrong thing? Doesn’t Tracfone have a triple minute deal? Can’t find it here

    • Brenda on the LG800G for TracFone, it offers ‘Unlimited Triple Minutes for the life of the phone’ with purchase of the phone. You should be able to find this device at your local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store. Hope this answered your question.

  5. does best buy mobile offer the double minutes for free on the lg 500 qwerty?

    • Yes, customers get double minutes by purchasing the TracFone LG 500. This means if you purchase the LG 500 and a 200 minute card, for instance, you’ll actually get 400 minutes.

  6. Tracfone really does have good offers to offer us the public. To get the LG500 (which is a really cool phone) with double minutes for life is really a grand deal. I would like the triple minutes for life but I prefer the LG500 to the LG800 (just don’t like a touchscreen). Is there anything else available from Tracfone with triple minutes?

  7. I gotta say that for me tracfone no contract phones have been the best. I love that they are constantly coming out with new promotions. I see that the LG505C is now on sale and if you buy it you get triple minutes. I am def going to check that out. Its on the tracfone website at that great price but is it the same at best buy?? I have been saving so much with double minutes .. itll be nice to have triple minutes!

  8. I’m confused. So if you get a net10 phone, can you still use it as a tracfone and get the minutes. I’ve been wanting to get the Samsung T404G for $29.99, but on some websites it says its a net10 phone and other websites say its a tracfone… HELP PLEASE????