Steer clear of distracted driving

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.   We’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving, but at times the information can seem overwhelming and distant from our daily lives.  Some of us feel immune to the danger, and continue to put our own lives and the lives of others at risk daily.  The truth is, distracted driving (especially texting and emailing) could kill you, and no text is worth dying for.

What it all means
In a small study completed at Texas A&M, a driver’s reaction time to sudden events doubled while distracted by texting.  The drivers were asked to stop when they see a flashing yellow light while texting, and with no distractions.  Generally, drivers were able to react to the sudden flashing light within one to two seconds if they were not distracted.  That reaction time doubled to four or more seconds while texting.  A four second reaction delay at highway speeds translates to the length of an entire football field needed to come to a complete stop.  In addition, while texting, the drivers were eleven times more likely to miss the flashing light altogether. The distracted drivers also swerved more often, and were more likely to cause an impact with roadway obstacles than when they were not distracted.

Get the facts
The National Highway Safety Data Administration concludes that as many as one in five roadway fatalities involved a distracted driver.  Mobile phone use is overwhelmingly the main cause of distraction.  In addition, 34 states currently have laws either banning or limiting the use of mobile phones while driving.  For a complete listing of your state’s distracted driving laws, click here. Please join Best Buy Mobile in pledging not to text and drive today.

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