Kids will love the new nabi tablet

It’s not an uncommon sight to see someone’s child playing on mom or dad’s tablet or smartphone. But, good news, parents! You can finally get your toys back because a new tablet is coming to town- the nabi tablet by Fuhu, Inc.

The nabi is the “everything” tablet that will grow along with your child. It’s a game console, a movie theater, a music player, a university, a library, and more – complete with more than $200 worth of pre-loaded apps, games and content. Whatever the interests of your child, this (literally) cherry red treat is sure to satisfy.

Entertainment for all ages
With a 7” touch screen and dedicated 3D processor, the nabi provides the ultimate gaming experience. Preloaded games include Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja, and hundreds more are available at the nabi Store that can be accessed through the tablet.

You can also keep your child entertained with hundreds of pre-screened titles through the Fooz Kids Flix app. Netflix is available on the tablet, too. The nabi also comes preloaded with 50 songs by Laurie Berkner, a popular children’s music artist. Of course, kids and parents alike have the option to download much more to the tablet’s 4GB flash storage.

Educational fun
The nabi comes with an app called MeeGenius, which is both an eReader and an eBook Store. It comes with six preloaded, free eBooks plus 24 additional free eBooks that you can download through the MeeGenius Applications. Titles include Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Cinderella and many more. The eBooks are illustrated and engaging with Read-Along Technology, so that budding readers develop word recognition by seeing words while hearing them pronounced.

Children with especially colorful imaginations will love the Fooz Kids Books app where they can create stories by using pictures from their own collection or taking pictures using the built-in camera. Another educational feature is Fooz Kids University, which encourages skill set development with over 22,000 common, core, state-standardized math curricula from pre-K through 5th grade.

Parental control
While the nabi is for kids, adults will get to enjoy it, too. The nabi features an Android browser, its own App Zone, and most of the typical utilities found under the Android environment.

An included feature, Mommy Mode, allows parents to access the App Zone to download a larger selection of apps – more than just apps for kids – as well as manage what children can see in Kidz Mode. Through Mommy Mode, a weekly chore list can also be set up for the kids to keep track of. Don’t worry, it’s not all about work and no play. When a child completes a task (and you, in turn, check it off), they can earn “nabi coins”, with which they then can “buy” various things, including new games and videos, from the Treasure Box reward system.

The nabi 2 is available for purchase online now at $199. For more information, check out


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  1. what is the age group recommended for this tablet ?

    • Hi Bonnie. The nabi is recommended for ages 4 and up.

    • That’s pretty much up to you. The descriptive text & video give a pretty clear picture of what the tablet is and does.

  2. Should we buy two nabi’s for our nearly 7 and 8 year old grandchildren or just bite the bullet and buy 2 IPads?

    • Hi Sue,

      It really depends on how much you want the tablets to do. The Nabi is excellent for gaming, education and entertainment geared specifically toward younger users, while an iPad provides an all-around tablet experience for users of any age. If cost is an issue, you might also consider that the Nabi is generally the lower-priced option.

  3. Hi, I’ve been trying to find a tablet for my 4 years old son, and i seen the Nabi 2. At first it looked perfect but then i discovered that you can’t access the google play store, which is concerning as this has 1000’s of app to choose from and i get the impression that the nabi store is fairly limited…. Is that the case please???

    • At this moment you can download the Amazon App store as an option

    • Hi Craig, nabi’s App Zone 2.0 is not limited, it’s a curated appstore with over 500 kid-approved apps to ensure the apps are age-appropriate and kid-safe.

      nabi is working on getting goole play on the nabi 2. In the meantime, you can easily get the Amazon appstore as well as 1 mobile market on the nabi 2. There’s a quick video with instructions in the “Fanatech” app in Parent Mode. Hope that helps!

  4. Craig – I went in to purchase the kindle fire for my almost 4yr old son and was persuaded to purchase the nabi 2 instead by a sales associate. It comes preloaded with the most popular Google play store games (Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja) and I was also concerned that the nabi store would not offer enough good stuff. I have yet to go through all of the apps available yet, which can be sorted by age, genre, etc. but have found a pretty decent selection so far. especially if this will primarily used by your child, the majority of the nabi apps are geared more towards kids.I did download a few free games for myself, but other than that I have oni used it for Facebookand web surfing, so I haven’t found the need for any additional apps. Once I can get it to accept my cc info (i keep getting some weird error…) I’m planning to purchase some of the “bundled” apps that they offer. All in all, I’m very pleased with the bi so far, figuring out the menus takes a little getting used to, but I would really recommend this tablet.

    At the very least, you have 30 days to return it if you’re not satisfied :)

  5. I’m looking for a tablet for my 7 year old, mostly so she can use it as an ereader. Can you purchase/download any ebooks with a Nabi or only books from a “Nabi market’? Would I need a certain app? Nabi looks way more kid-friendly, but if the ebook choices are limited, I may go with the kindle fire…

    • I would like to know the answer to this as well, for my 7 year old. Is she maybe too old for this? It’s either this or the Kindle Fire.

  6. I just bought one for my son for Christmas, I hope it was worth the money!! I just want him to be able to download apps and read and watch movies.

  7. I was just curious about the functions of this tablet. How do you obtain all of the apps. and is there a variety available for the nabi2? My 4 1/2 yr. old LOVES his leadpad, but his father and I feel that he is ready for something a little more advanced. any thoughts, opinions, knowledge on these nabi2’s? any input would be very helpful! Thanks.

    • additional apps can be obtained through the “nabi app zone,” which are all kid friendly and categorized by age from 2-15 years old and by topic. for instance, books, games, more educational apps (math, geography, etc). these apps can be earned by purchasing coins and providing these coins to your child as a learn to earn called Treasure Box, you can also attach a chores list to the Treasure Box as well. This tablet is more powerful than the leap pad and the tablet is made to grow with the child.

  8. Would The nabi be appropriate for my son who is 2 and a half years of age? I’m planning on purchasing a tablet for him because he loves playing with our android phones and knows how to use them..

  9. I was looking into buying my 5 yr old one for Christmas for educational purposes and games do you have to have Internet or wifi to download stuff ?

    • Hi Hannah. Yes, downloading games and apps requires internet connectivity. Thanks for asking!

  10. I am planning on purchasing 3 for my 3 boys. Is there a way to share apps from one tablet to the next? Example: If I purchase a movie/book from one tablet can I download the purchased movie/book to the others without having to re purchase the title? Can I link all three tablets to one account like I can my Android devices?
    Thank You

    • YES! You can share apps on all 3 nabi tablets as long as you’re signed in with the same parent account.

  11. hello I’m looking to buy this for my 3 yr old son. However im concerned that he will be limited to primarily using this when internet is accessible. I noticed you answered a similar question above but once apps or games are downloaded can they be used without an internet connection? im primarily interested in the educational capabilities of this tablet and hoping that my child doesn’t always need wifi to use them. that is the only thing holding me back from choosing the nabi over the leappad2.

    • The educational component of the nabi 2 tablet called Fooz Kids University needs wifi to access and run. The nabi 2 tablet is cartridge free. Research the average cost of a cartridge, now multiple that by how many you’ll purchase over the months and years. The cost of the nabi is all inclusive in terms of the core standardized subjects of Math, English, Social Studies and Science from K-5th grade.

  12. what exactly is meant by the term parental control in relation to the Nabi. I have a 8yr old daughter who is looking to a tablet from santa. She is using the computer at the moment but I am concerned if she gets her own tablet as to what sites she would have access to?
    Thank You.

    • there are two modes on the nabi 2 tablet. kid mode (nabi mode) or mommy/daddy mode (which requires a password). In kid mode the child has extremely limited access to the internet, it comes pre-accessed to certain sites like nick jr. however, since its encapsulated your child doesn’t have access to inappropriate sites. in mommy/daddy mode it is a full functioning tablet. in fact as powerful as the google nexus.

  13. Hi
    Im looking at getting 2 of these for my grand kids
    Then one will be 10 soon , is he to old for this one

    • Not at all. nabi 2 runs on nvidia’s tegra 3 chipset and is faster than many adult tablets out on the market. Also, the great thing about the nabi 2 is that his parents have options! They can set parental controls on your grandson’s nabi OR if they’re comfortable with him using it without restrictions, they can default it to Parent Mode and he can use it in the unrestricted Android 4.0 environment. Pretty cool huh?

  14. I prefer buying my child an iPad 3 she nearly 10 years old and the iPad could help her with projects and homework

  15. HI i twas wondering if anyone could tell me what is the most resonable tablets on the market that allow netfelx to play we r wanting to get a tablet for our daughter who is 3 and want to watch Dora all the time and i hate always giving her my phone

    • Since your daughter is 3, you’d want the nabi. It has a kid-safe mode so you can give your daughter the tablet and have peace of mind and you, as the parent, can also use it in Parent Mode in the full Android 4.0 environment. You can easily add the Amazon Appstore to the nabi to download the Netflix app.

  16. How can you allow app zone for kids in kid mode ‘ I don’t want to enter mommy mode every time my kid wants to brouse apps
    Let alone have to leave them in mommy mode in order for them to brouse apps

  17. Is there a list of wireless headphones that connect to Nabi 2 ?

  18. Can I buy an Internet service for the nabi 2? Wifi is not always available

    • I don’t have this personally, but I’ve know some people who don’t have Wi-Fi at home, so they purchase a mobile hotspot plan through their cellphone providers. Then, the nabi 2 would be able to connect to your mobile hotspot’s Wi-Fi.

  19. Hi, as asked above i am also wanting to buy my daughter a tablet because all she wants to do is watch dora on mine, when i asked in store i was told that you could download netflix, but it might only be available in daddy mode. If i download Netflix onto the nabi, can she access it through kids mode?

    • The nabi tablet does not have netflix I am very disappointed about that but on the other hand there are a lot of apps for your child to play with that will keep them occupied. My son is 2 1/2 going on 3 in march and he loves playing with his nabi! It keeps him from wanting to watch tv so much and also from playing with our tablets and phones

      • i bought the Nabi Jr. and downloaded the amazon app store and searched and installed netflix. its running great! my daughter can now watch her dora shows

    • As noted in some other comments, it is easy to install the Amazon App Store from the internet in daddy mode and to install Netflix from there. The Nabi has an app in daddy mode that lets you add and remove apps from kids mode by simply checking and unchecking boxes in a list of installed apps. Netflix can be added easily to the kids mode interface using that app.

  20. I was wondering if I bought my grandchild a nabi 2 can she download games inc. at someones house that has wifi and take it home where she doesnt have wifi and still play the games?

    • Wifi Internet access is necessary for purchases and updates, but all the games we have work fine when not connected to wifi. Since she has no wifi at home, I assume that she is not into games that allow players on different devices to connect and interact, which would require wifi.

  21. I can’t find the app zone on my tablet.

  22. Can I download four pictures one word to the nabi.

  23. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am inspired! Very useful information particularly the closing phase :) I take care of such information much. I used to be looking for this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and good luck.

  24. Wow I thank all of you for the information you provided. I’m planning to get my 3yr old daughter a tablet in 2wks for her 4th bday and most of the questions I had you all answered. What apps on the tablets doesn’t require Internet access?
    Thanks again…I’m excited to get my cell ph back :-)

  25. My daughters are 7 & 8 yrs. old. I am looking for a tablet for them. They are constantly on my cell phone and everytime I go to use it it’s dead. Since I have to buy 2 I really can’t afford the nubi 2. I’m wondering if they are way too old for the nubi jr.They basically like to download music, play games like angry birds and go on you tube. Will they be able to do these things on the nubi jr? I also don’t want to get them anything too expensive because I’m trying to teach them to take care of their things but they Can still be a little rough and clumsy with their toys etc.

  26. can i use a dongle in the Nabi 2

  27. I am trying to figure out if the Nabi headphones that are $99 are bluetooth or do you have to plug them into the Nabi to use them. In the picture I don’t see a cord but when you look through the specs they don’t say bluetooth or wireless

  28. Can you download movies on to this tablet?

  29. can the nabi get netflix on it?

    • Yes! You just install the Amazon App Store and get the Netflix app from there. Full instructions can be found at

  30. Which is going to be the better gift for my 5 year old grand daughter, the Nabi Jr or Nabi 2?

  31. lists the ideal ages as 3-6 for the Nabi Jr. and 6-10 for the Nabi 2, so at 5 yrs I’d definitely go with the Nabi 2. We got the Nabi 2 for use by a 4 and a 6 year old and neither of them had any problem using it.

  32. Is Candy Crush one of the apps that are available on the Nabi 2?

  33. Can you download videos for kids on the nabi

  34. I was wondering can you do you tube on the nabi 2 or nabi xd

  35. I want to get the Nabi for my son who’s gonna turn 3 but I’m not sure exactly which one to get him either the nabi jr or the nabi 2?

  36. Can you watch movies (i.e. Brave etc.) on the Nabi?

  37. I am going to purchase a tablet for my children for Christmas. I have a 4 yr old and 8yr old. Is my 8 yr old to old for the nabi 2? I wanted to get them the same so theres no compeitiion but I also want them both to enjoy it.

  38. Does the nabi 2 have 3D on it?? If it does how can I get it off my daughter said it hurts her head to look at the screen for more ten five minets???

  39. My grandson lives in a place where he does not have internet access. If I download games for him in this tablet will he be able to play them later off the internet?

    • Hi Susan,
      Yes, you can download games to the Nabi for your grandson to play later. Here’s an updated post on the Nabi 2.

      Thanks for checking in.

  40. does it need to be connected to wifi to work? i dont have internet at home:(

  41. Can any of the app be used without an internet connection? Can’t afford an internet at this time can they still use this tablets for learning?

  42. Can this tablet be used without having internet connection?

  43. Is there a way to purchase wifi for the nabi 2 like the nabi jr comea with wifi?

  44. will my daughter be able to get on websites like abc mouse with the nabi2?