Walk Out Working

Walk out Working, or “W.O.W”, is a fantastic service from Best Buy Mobile included on every phone purchase. When you need help setting up a mobile email account with pesky server settings, or personalizing your ringtones, or even just figuring out how to make a phone call, we have you covered.

The personal touch
Here’s an example: I had an older couple come in to my store a couple weeks back who wanted to move, in their words, “into the 22nd century.” Laughing, I began to ask them some questions that allowed me to figure out exactly what they wanted. Of course they were interested in texting, as the only way to communicate with the grandkids was through text, and since they travel the United States they wanted GPS and e-mail. I got them set up with two Android phones, but of course they don’t know how to use them.

Taking our time
Abiding by our Walk out Working program, after I was done with the activation, I sat down with them for an hour and a half (our Mobile Consultants will take as much time with you as needed) and helped them work the phones. From setting up email, to downloading apps, we did everything. Also, they decided to get an in-car speaker phone. This magical Bluetooth device hangs on a visor and connects to the phone, allowing streamed voice calls and even music. I went out to their car and set it all up, showed them what all the buttons do, practiced some voice commands, and demonstrated how to connect phones to it. It was really neat to see the smiles on both their faces – Best Buy Mobile customers for life!

This program goes beyond just helping someone learn something; it allows us to build a relationship with whomever we have helped, holding our promise of being there for the life of your phone. We are here to help, and with our Walk Out Working program, we can show you that we will continue to be here to help with your total mobile phone solution.


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  1. This is a great example of the customer service offered by Best Buy Mobile!

  2. My coworker had her new phone a month. She took it back to the store in the St. Louis Galleria where she bought it because it wasn’t working. Now another month has gone buy and she hasn’t got her phone back. They have not contacted her, she does not have the phone she purchased, and they will not give her a new phone. Please tell me why I would go and buy a phone there. I am a store manager in that mall and I feel like telling everyone I know, including my customers, not to use them. A new phone tomorrow is truly the only decent thing to do.

  3. My Mother Elaine purchased 2 I Phones for both myself and my son. The Best Buy Rep. was absolutely wonderful and reserves all our praise for many reasons. First, she fixed my phone that had stopped working. Next, she gave my 85 yr old mother her chair to make her more comfortable, while having to stand herself. She encountered alot of red tape with the server but kept her cool while continuely appoligizing for the wait. Thankyou for having such a curtious and knowlegable representative – she was awsome!!!! Sincerely, The StJohn Family (In store date 10/9/12).

    • That’s wonderful to hear, Catherine. Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad your visit was so satisfying.