Meet the LG Optimus G for Sprint

The first word that comes to mind when experiencing the new Sprint LG Optimus G is “brilliant”.  It is a feast for all the senses and definitely a phone that’s going to get you the attention of not only your friends, but anyone else nearby!

Brilliant Display
The 4.7” screen with True HD IPS Plus display is huge.  I love huge screens, especially since I use my phone to watch Netflix in bed at night.  I would class this as a very-near-full-screen phone since the borders around the edges are very small.  The colors and icons really pop and the proximity of the screen to the surface of the phone makes it easy to view from any angle.

Brilliant Feel
One recurring complaint I hear about new smartphones is that they feel too light and plastic-y.  The LG Optimus G has a sophisticatedly solid feel to it.  The pleasant weight of it, and even the cool metallic feel, leaves no doubt that it is indeed a powerful computing device, not a little toy.  The phone is not “heavy” by any means, but rather appropriately dense.

Brilliant Camera
The Sprint version of the LG Optimus G has an astounding 13MP camera!  I love the “say cheese” feature which snaps a photo as soon as it senses someone’s smile.  The ability to take still shots while taking video is incredibly convenient, as is the ability to zoom in on both videos and photos.

 Brilliant Sounds
If you’re like me, changing the sounds/ringtones on a new phone is the first thing you do.  LG has always had the best default system sounds of any phone brand.  I remember that from way back when flip phones were all the rage.  The tones on this phone are truly unique and satisfying!

Brilliant Multitasking
The 1.5 GHz quad-core processor in this bad boy is lightning fast!  It runs circles around my other phone and allows for a blissfully frustration-free experience when performing everyday tasks.  Making full use of the phone’s raw power is what I consider its most notable function, QSlide, which allows you to watch a video on the screen while performing other tasks on the phone.  The video is displayed at the top of the screen, (transparency controlled with a slider), while you go about your other tasks.  As an extreme PC multitasker, one of my favorite things is to have a media player window open in the background, playing a movie I can watch or listen to while performing other tasks.  I am ecstatic to now have that same multitasking capability on my smartphone as well!

Check out the Sprint LG Optimus G right here, and don’t forget it’s available for AT&T too!

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