Meet the new Windows Phone 8X by HTC

HTC introduced the world to pocket-TV phones like the original EVO 4G back in mid-2010. Now they are doing it again with an even trendier smartphone, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. The 8X falls in line with the tight-knit Windows 8 family of laptops, desktops, and tablets with their beautiful personalized tiles and waves of color. Let’s take a look at this innovative Windows 8 flagship phone. Beware, loads of color await!

We’ll start with software, as this is the major highlight of the 8X. The HTC 8X runs on the beautiful, new, and innovative Windows Phone 8 OS. That means mesmerizing live tiles, Microsoft’s rendition of application icons, display notifications and real-time informational updates to keep you up to date with your social networks and apps of choice. Microsoft’s main goal with the software is to create a truly personal phone designed around you and the people who matter most to you, and the Windows Phone 8 OS executes just that!

The HTC 8X boasts a market trending 1.5GHz dual-core processor to handle the immense requests of demanding applications. Couple that with LTE speeds and multitasking is no big deal for the 8X. In addition, the 4.3-inch LCD 2 display is packing mega pixels per inch. It’s just absolutely gorgeous in its precise color, wide viewing angles, and pleasant contrast ratios.

Trademarked on many HTC phones now is the Beats logo, which indicates the top of the line audio processing and handling of the HTC 8X. The two rear amps in the back of the phone speak for themselves, loud and clear! The 8X also features an 8MP rear camera, 2.1MP front-facing camera, both equipped for HD video.

The HTC 8X comes in several colors to fit your tastes. The round edges of the phone and soft-touch texture sit warmly in your hands. This smartphone definitely ranks among the most personal, customizable, and simply “you” phones on the market.

Final Analysis
Iconic in design, personal in user interface, and innovative in execution, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC is simply the smartphone for keeping up to date with everyone and everything. The newly released Windows Phone 8 operating system is easily integrated with Windows 8 tablets and desktop computers alike, making it easy to leave off on one device and continue on another. For more information on how you can get one in your hands today, visit your local Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores for a one-to-one Windows 8 experience.

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