4 big benefits of prepaid cell phones for teenagers

Is your teenager or pre-teen clamoring for a cell phone? Here’s why prepaid cell phones are a smart option for parents.

1. More control over kids’ cell phone usage
According to a recent Nielsen survey, web surfing and texting on cell phones among U.S. teenagers is on the rise. Teenagers use an average of 320 MB of data per month on their phones and exchange a whopping 3,417 texts a month, according to the study. Naturally, this is a cause for concern. No parent wants their kids glued to a cell phone 24/7, constantly texting friends or checking Facebook. However, as most parents will tell you, it’s not easy to set boundaries for cell phone use.

Prepaid cell phones can make your job just a little bit easier.  They let you work with your kids to determine the reasonable amount of talk time, texting, and data that should be allowed every month. You pay for exactly what you want your kids to use. When the prepaid minutes run out, your kids will have no choice but to wait until you refill the minutes.

2. Cut phone costs
Do you have a chatty, text addicted teen, who is driving up your monthly bill? If you’re fed up with cell phone costs and overages, a prepaid cell phone could be a good fit. Most prepaid carriers offers budget-friendly handsets that make perfect starter phones for teens. Here are some prepaid cell phones to consider:

1. Tracfone LG 530 Prepaid Cell Phone ($49.99)

2. Virgin Mobile Samsung Montage Prepaid Cell Phone ($49.99)

3. NET10 Samsung S390G No-Contract Mobile Phone ($49.99)

Most of these phones sport features such as web access, camera, and Bluetooth connectivity that are sufficient for your children’s needs. Even if your teenager happens to lose or accidently break the handset you won’t feel the pinch.

Also, what you probably did not know is that prepaid plans save you hundreds as compared to a two-year postpaid contract. Prepaid phones give you the choice to either buy prepaid minutes or get on an affordable flat-rate plan. There are rates and choices for every budget. Here are some economical prepaid plans to look out for:

Virgin Mobile PayLo Plan: $30 per month for 1500 minutes + 1500 texts + 30 MB of Web access.

Tracfone Pay As You Go:  Starting at $9.99 for 50 minutes, valid for 30 days. Double Minutes airtime cards gets you double minutes on all future cards purchased.

3. No credit check
You don’t need to undergo a credit check for a prepaid cell phone. This is especially advantageous for students who might not have a credit history and don’t want to put down a hefty deposit for a long-term cell phone contract.

4. No commitment
Chances are your teenager’s cell phone needs will change as they grow. With a prepaid plan, you can experiment with calling rates month to month until you find a plan that best fits your teenager’s needs. Why commit to a long-term contract and risk paying an early termination fee in case you decide to change providers?

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  1. Hola, me gustado tu post, ahora te seguimos, un saludo

  2. Yes no contract phones are actually beneficial for teenagers.

  3. this is all true EXCEPT that you have absolutely NO control over who you child is speaking to while ON the phone. You have NO way to track the call. All just fine UNTIL you have a child that is of the mindset that they are “grown up”. Then you may have a small problem on your hands with a prepaid phone.