5 cool things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been fittingly dubbed the “phablet,” because it fuses the best of both worlds. The full-featured smartphone packs powerful tablet capabilities, which is probably why it is such a hit with consumers. Here are some amazing things you can do with the new smartphone.

1. Jot down a quick note on-screen
Isn’t it annoying when you’re in the middle of a phone call and you need to write down an address or a phone number and you can’t find a pen and paper?  The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a Popup Note feature, which ensures that you will never have to scramble for a piece of paper again. All you need to do is press the S Pen button and double-tap the screen to start hand-writing a quick note with your stylus.

2. Send creative and personal emails
While the S Pen is a standout feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it is the smartphone’s built-in handwriting support which really succeeds in taking the stylus to the next level. Now you can include personal, hand-written notes and sketches in your e-mails to friends and family. Another cool feature is Easy Clip. Let’s say that you stumbled upon a picture of a new car or found a great quote while browsing the internet on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Easy Clip lets you crop out the photo or text with your S Pen and share instantly with your contacts.

3. Enjoy super smart camera and video
The superb camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers a Best Face feature that helps you capture perfect group shots every time. Group photos are tricky because you always end up with one person with their eyes closed or looking in the wrong direction. The Best Face mode takes a series of quick, multiple shots and lets you select your favorite pose or expression for each person in the picture to use in composing a final group photo.

Take advantage of the Photo Note feature to handwrite personal thoughts or musings at the back of your mobile pictures using your S Pen. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers the ability to record slow motion or fast motion video clips so you can have fun with the videos you shoot.

4. Preview quickly with Air View
Air View is a convenient, time-saving feature which lets you preview photos, videos, e-mails, calendar events and more simply by hovering your S Pen over those items. You no longer have to scroll through multiple photos and navigate multiple screens or open several folders to find what you’re looking for.

5. Share easily with S Beam
As the term suggests, you can literally beam files from your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to another compatible phone that also uses S Beam technology. Simply place the phones back to back to transfer your digital photos, videos and documents.


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  1. HELP i need galaxy note 2 basic lessons for dummies – my first cellphone need to learn everything any great online tutorials – don wolfpoet shier

  2. You can download the user guide off the play store. It shows quick easy to follow videos. The s pen has a user guide as well. Hope this helps.

  3. LOVE. THIS. PHONE. It’s simply amazing :)

  4. This phone is freckishly amazing. … finding new things everyday. Thanks!

  5. Why is there no help which shows you how to do any of these things? NoVideos

  6. Pls help me to how to edit about Easy Clip? I don’t know how to use.. I forget

  7. Lady also has the perfect manicure.

  8. Can I have 2 or more phone numbers & residence address under 1 contact?

  9. Yes, Joanne. Display the contact, press Command button, Edie Contact, Then in the PHONE box, press the + to add another phone number or press the – next to a phone number to remove it. You can do the same thing in the ADDRESS box to add or remove additional mailing addresses.

  10. when i originally got my bote 2 my pictures in gallery showed smaller now theyre huge how do i make them small again

  11. **NOTE 2

  12. hi,
    i have a samsung galaxy s2 and whenever i turn off my tablet, a samsung commercial plays and it doesnt shut off. i would like to know how to shut it off. i have looked in settings but i cant seem to find anything. i hope you can help me.

  13. Can I trade In my iPhone for one of those? Impressive!

    • Sure you can, Stacy! Check out the current value of your iPhone here — http://www.bestbuy.com/tradein

    • Why would you want to do that? I traded in my iPhone 5 for the Note 2 and I think it was a horrible mistake. Everything on the iPhone works. Half the features on this does not. Furthermore, you have to watch a 3 hour tutorial just to understand half those features that doesn’t work anyway.

  14. Cant scroll up on notes…

    Hi. Ive created a note in notes but when I go to edit what ive typed I cant scroll to the top of the page…? Ive tried finger dragging, pen dragging, but nothibg works and I cant keep cutting and then pasting text from the bottom of the page just to see the top and then paste the text back on the bottom.


  15. Love my samsung galaxy note 2… There must be an app out there that Samsung calendar that will sync to an android??? I was the told by Samsung that don’t support calendar syncing any more…

  16. How can I see how many text messages I have between myself and one contact person on my galaxy note 2?

  17. How can I send multiple pictures at one time?

    • You would need to create a new MMS and then add the photos you’d like to send. Your phone or carrier may have limitations on how many photos you can send at a time.

      Jesus M
      Sr. Social Media Specialist

  18. Ummm – on Tip #1: you say “All you need to do is press the S Pen button and double-tap the screen to start hand-writing a quick note” when you are on a phone call and need to write down a number or directions or whatever. Just pulling the S-Pen out WHILE ON A CALL opens a note for you. The “Hold button and double tap” is when you are not on a call. Also: I found this article trying to find “cool” things you can do with the Note 2. These are not “Cool Things” – these are called: Features. Nice try.

  19. This tutorial sucks. 1st off the screen video capture doesn’t work. He doesn’t show the steps on how to get from one item to another…….If you watch the ending of the tutorial you’ll see what I’m referring to. And his explanation doesn’t work.

  20. Do i have to use it as a phone, and do i have to pay to use it as a tablet

  21. I’ve never had so much fun with a phone!!!!

    • Glad to hear you’re loving your new phone, Lizzie! Thanks for checking in.


  22. Thes is the 2nd best phone on the planet. #1 must be the Note 3. If this phone was a car it would be a Tesla. If it was a Meal, it would be your favorite food that you just tasted for the first time. I use email, voice to text, browse like a fiend, camera video and the paper artist is just too much fun. The s pen is mightier than the sword. if any of you have not downloaded cam scanner I suggest you do that immediately. how to play chess all the time on this phone…..it’s not really a phone it’s actually a computer that can be used as a phone. use Google Maps all the time. All my social apps work really well on this phone. This is my mystical kung fu Jedi Master phone

  23. and I wouldn’t go up to the mega simply because it doesn’t have an S Pen & I use s note all. All the time

  24. Anyone know where I can get a cheap case for a note 2 I 317