How to select camera settings on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Select a Shooting Mode

Select the shooting mode for this session by touching Mode Galaxy Camera Shooting Mode Button . Touch a thumbnail to select a mode. To return to auto mode, touch the Auto thumbnail or Auto Mode .

Galaxy Camera Shooting Modes

The mode view can be adjusted. The screenshot above shows the thumbnail mode view Modes - Thumbnail View . Touch the desired button to switch the mode screen layout between thumbnail Modes - Thumbnail Viewand carousel view Modes - Carousel View . When you use the carousel view, a description of the selected mode is displayed. To select a different mode, touch and swipe the carousel up or down. To select a mode, touch the mode’s thumbnail.

Galaxy Camera Shooting Modes

The following shooting modes are available on your camera:

  • Auto: The camera determines the ideal mode for the photo.
  • Beauty face: Corrects facial imperfections automatically when taking portraits.
  • Best photo: Select the best photos when you take a series of photos.
  • Best face: Select the best photo of each person from five consecutive photos and merge into one best photo.
  • Sound & shot: Capture a scene and record background audio associated with the photo.
  • Drama: Capture a series of photos of a moving subject and merge them into one photo.
  • Animated photo: Capture a scene and create a photo containing moving and static objects.
  • Rich tone (HDR): Take and merge photos in various exposures to create soft and rich colors.
  • Eraser: Capture five photos of a scene and erase unwanted moving objects from the background.
  • Panorama: Take panoramic photos made up of a maximum of eight consecutive photos.
  • Sports: Take photos of fast-moving subjects at sporting events.
  • Night: Take photos by combining them to get a brighter, clearer photo in low light, without flash.

For more information about a shooting mode, search the Samsung support site using the mode’s name. We have provided additional details on many of the predefined shooting modes available to you.

Adjusting Camera Settings

On the viewfinder screen, touch Galaxy Camera Expand Settings to access camera quick settings. The settings available to you in this area may vary based on the current mode you have selected. The settings menu has six default options:

  • Settings Icon Settings: Access Camera settings (such as Photo size)Share settings, and General settings (such as Storage location, Shutter sound, etc.).
  • Camera Flash Flash (customizable location): Touch the icon to cycle through the available flash options.
  • Auto Night Mode Auto night detection (customizable location): Touch the icon to turn on auto night detection. When the feature is on, your device will detect low light situations and adjust the camera and device settings to capture great photos without the flash.
  • Voice Commands Voice commands (customizable location): Touch the icon to turn voice commands on or off. When voice commands are on, you can complete several camera tasks using your voice. Turn on voice commands and say “cheese” to capture a photo without touching your camera.
  • Recording Mode Recording mode: Touch the icon to select a movie size for any video captured during the session.
  • Share Icon Share: Touch the icon to select a sharing option. Features like Share shotand Remote viewfinder can be found here.

You can edit the camera quick settings displayed by touching Menu Menu Key > Edit quick settings. Drag a shortcut to one of the three customizable locations.

Galaxy Camera Shooting Modes


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  1. I have a Galaxy 4 and am wondering which is the best size setting for crisp pics and how do you find the ISO setting?

  2. I use Samsung galaxy S4 take photo but my photos not clear

  3. Isy setting problem??

  4. For some reasona my Galaxy S4 does not have all the camera modes listed on this page. I don’t have Drama, Animated Shot, Sports, Eraser, or Panorama. I’ve searched my device, checked settings, etc and cannot find them. Can anyone help?

  5. Same here, I have the same problem with rene, can anyone help to figure it out? Is there any problem with the camera or anything else maybe? Thanks

    • I had the same problem but once I restarted my camera the features are all back.

      To restart your camera:
      Launch the trap on settings
      Tap on the gear icon
      Scroll down and tap ON RESET

      Hope this helps!

  6. I can’t get flash to work on my galaxy s4. Turning it on is not an option.

    • Hi Christy,

      It’s difficult to know what the problem is for sure with your flash. The Samsung Support website offers a few suggestions here: You could stop by a Best Buy Mobile store to see if a retail employee can help you figure it out.

      Thanks for checking in.

  7. i dont have any modes in s4 can anyone help me figure out where is the problem?

    • Hi Nina,

      You may want to check out the Samsung Support webpage for a complete FAQ on taking photos, link below. Alternately, the next time you’re in Best Buy, bring your phone to the Geek Squad agent or mobile phone consultant and let them help you find the camera settings.
      Samsung support:

      Thanks for checking in.

  8. Just bought a s4 but it s diffucult to use the camera couse the setting r not there,I was asking if I can take my phone to any mtn,will they help me?

  9. I can’t change the settings, the picture Quality is so bad plus I don’t have all the features lsited there

  10. How do I get rid of the white haze when I take a flash picture on my s4

  11. I can’t take good quality pictures with my samsung s4. Whenever I take pictures, it comes out to be poor. What I do and what is the right setting

  12. Why when taking puc my s4 get hot and the flash turn off and said phone temperature too hot for flash too be on

  13. I just bought a selfie stick but I do not know how to adjust the setting on the camera of my Samsung S4 smartphone in order to be able to use the selfie stick, can anybody help me please. Thanks.

  14. Hi guys! How can i change the save as richtone only? I dont want that creamy soft color on my face hahaha

  15. Someone are saying they don’t have all the modes for their camera .sometimes they might have opened those modes while their front cam is in use.try in rear cam and check once

  16. Why does the camera auto adjust? Why cant you just turn off all the settings and take a picture? Im tired of fuzzy pics because on auto it edits right after I take the pictire but it looks way better before any ways? Why is nothing….no edits….not an option. This camera is gross. I cannot express my frustration at all!!