Meet ZACT- A mobile plan exactly as you like it

There is a new carrier in competition for the title of most consumer-friendly wireless carrier—Zact Mobile. Working off the Sprint cellular and data network, Zact provides customers with nationwide coverage while allowing them to pick their voice, texting, and data plans à la carte. And, Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores are the only small box retailer to offer Zact and their smart, new mobile service. Also to sweeten the deal only available at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores, Zact is offering 4 months of free service with the purchase of a Zact smartphone.  That’s 300 minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB data per month for 4 months.

Confidence with endless choices

Zact’s model is steeped in the belief that many smartphone owners do not use nearly as much talk, text or data as they might think—recent Nielsen research shows the average user consumes only 644 minutes, 764 texts, and 342 MB of data a month—and that people are overpaying for wireless with large “one-sized fits all” plans that do not actually fit most people’s needs properly. Instead, Zact gives its subscribers a slew of highly customizable choices for texting, data , and voice which they can mix and match to find the “ex-ZACT” fit for their unique requirements.

Zact is unlike any other mobile service out there on the market. Customers simply pick a mix of talk, text and data right on their Zact app on their phone. If they need more, the Zact app will alert them and a few taps later, they have more. If they haven’t used all of their plan by the end of the month, Zact will give them an automatic money back credit toward their next month’s service. It’s that easy.

The no-contract service could allow those who rarely use their phones or rely almost entirely on WiFi, to spend as little as $3.49 a month for combined voice, messaging, and data (30-25-50 respectively). Alternatively, a customer could start with a 500 minute talk plan and combine it with 1,000 texts and 500 MB of data; then easily choose to tack on an extra 200 minutes or a gigabyte of data at a later date. Plans can also be set to higher tiers from the onset, making them perfect for sharing with additional lines. Extra lines are only $4.99 per person, providing an inexpensive option for families as well as businesses.

Never Overpay

What makes Zact truly unique, however, is its “Never Overpay Guarantee ;” you pay exactly what you use, not more. If a customer purchases more talk, text or data than actually gets used, the carrier will automatically refund the difference, rolling it over into a payment towards the next month’s bill.

For example, one could buy a 500 minute voice plan at the start of a cycle, but if only 240 minutes are actually used then Zact will take the difference between the 500 min. plan ($9.43) and the next step down (250 minutes for $6.44) and apply the $2.99 difference toward the following billing cycle. Likewise, if a customer uses more data than originally planned, he or she can simply upgrade to the next tier straight from the Zact app on the phone, free of any penalties or excessive fees.

Confidence with control

Families and employers looking to share a plan will also be happy to know that Zact provides for very specific usage controls. In addition to being able to buy a plan based on how much talk, text and data each member will actually use, parents can feel confident with the control they have allowing their kids phone, text and data time.

Using the Zact app control features parents can decide when their kids can use their devices and what they can do on them. If the kids are supposed to be in bed by 9 o’clock, parents can control the on/off button to meet that curfew. They can shut off voice, texting, and data at that time every night or even earlier so as to eliminate distractions during study time. Texting and data could be restricted during school hours, and a hard cap can also be placed on how much of your family plan individual members can use. So there is no potential for one kid to eat up 1,000 messages unless you allow it.

The super convenient element of the Zact no contract plan is that only one Zact phone needs to be in use. Parents or employers can use their own Android or iOS device along with the Zact app to access the control features and manage usage on Zact phones. You’ll love the convenience and comfort with how you manage your voice, text and data plans right from your own device.

With Zact Mobile, you can be confident that you’ll find the mobile plan exactly right for you, your family or your employees. Remember that Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores are the exclusive retailer for Zact flexible mobile plans. Come in today to learn more and start saving on your monthly cell phone bill!

Available phones at Best Buy:  Samsung Galaxy SIII ($499) and the ZTE Awe ($199).

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  1. I hope this will be available in Canada soon!

    Please advise.

    Thank you

  2. This is so cool! Parents can control costs and kids can do more school work! God bless Zact if this works. I, for one, send less than 50 texts in a whole month, imagine how much I could save.

  3. Hubby and i have been thinking of switching to another plan, our contract is up and before I upgrade, I am searching for more affordable plans. I don’t text and only use our phones for emergencies. I will check this out on my next trip to Best Buy

  4. My service works fine. Sometimes my phone does not show any service bars, but I am still able to send and receive calls just fine.

    I have had too many issues with other companies with per minute plans not providing customer service. Zact has been available. So far so good.

    This was not available at the regular Best Buy store. I had to go to Best Buy Mobile to find the phones.

  5. Too bad my local Best Buy in Iowa does not sell ZACT. Read about this on the Best Buy website. Went to store ready to buy. Salesperson/manager of cell phone area had never heard of ZACT and informed me they don’t sell it/support it. Also told me they don’t sell/support the LoTalk Sprint plans. Cheapest no-contract they had started at $35/month.
    Disappointed. Won’t go back to BestBuy for my phone needs.

    • Hi Eric,

      The ZACT mobile phones and plans are available at the Best Buy Mobile specialty store in Jordan Creek Mall, and online with free shipping.

      Thanks for checking in.

      • I saw that but Jodan Creek is a 2.5 hour drive from where I live. Also could drive to Madison, WI, but that’s an even longer drive.

        I just went to Zact website and was able to sign up and create account/order phone and service there. Did not have to deal with a salesperson wearing an ear piece, either. Anxious to give Zact a try.