The applications that make smartphones smart

3 Quick video tips for your smart phone

So you just got a fancy new cell phone! You turn on the camera to record some videos and they are amazing quality! But what’s the best way to put these together? How can you make sure your videos come out looking great? There are some simple settings, tips, and tricks you can use to get some crazy videos made with your phone! 1. Video … More →

Plug and Play with Music Apps

Everybody loves some good tunes. You’re stuck in traffic and tired of listening to the same commercial on every station. What’s the solution? You plug that smartphone of yours into your car and start dancing like you’re on stage with Beyoncé. With phones becoming smarter, apps are only becoming more creative. You no longer have to plan your playlist and spend an entire night downloading … More →

4 Must Have Photo Editing Apps

I don’t know of anyone that regularly carries around a digital camera, even for special events. Not that they’re a lost cause but because smartphones are just easier. Plus, with the ability to edit and share all from one device, its one feature that just about everyone uses on a regular basis. If you haven’t downloaded any new photo apps recently, you’re definitely missing out—they … More →

Navigating the Google Ecosystem with Snapseed

Now that the holidays are behind us, a new year has started and maybe even a big Valentine’s Day event has changed your life. Did you happen to take any pictures? My next slice of exploring the Google ecosystem brings me to an app Google owns called Snapseed. Snapseed is a free, powerful mobile photo editing app that is amazing because it allows you to … More →

4 go-to apps for tracking the Winter Olympics

The Olympics never cease to amaze me. Perhaps it’s because they only come around every two years, or the simple fact that the world’s greatest athletes are gathered together for one phenomenal event. Beginning Friday, February 7th, and running through Sunday, February 23rd keep up with all of the latest from Sochi with these great apps: Olympic Athlete’s Hub Social media lovers, rejoice. This app … More →

Zact Mobile App gives you control in real time

Welcome to a new way to manage your mobile family plan. No-contract phones have been around for years, but there’s a new player on the block. Meet Zact Mobile, running on the Sprint LTE 4G network (where available), and it’s a game changer: No contracts and no overages; you only pay for what you use. At the heart of Zact Mobile’s no-contract plan is customization. … More →

Take your music mobile with these music apps

Whether I’m working out, writing for the blog or throwing a family event, I never leave the house without my music. Music is something to share and talk about with friends and family; it fills the time when you’re feeling lazy; and it’s a pick me up when the day is dragging. Check out four of my favorite music applications that get me through the … More →

Share multi-media content with Samsung Link

In today’s fast paced tech world it is easy to have several different devices that store your multi-media, from your smartphone, to your tablet, computer, and even smart TV. The problem though is how do you easily share the content that is stored on one device with the others? Well Samsung has come up with an easy way to do so called Samsung Link. In … More →

Stretch your mobile data plan with Onavo apps

When it comes to data plans, it is not that difficult to develop a love/hate relationship with the service. One month (or maybe a few…), you may be loving your data so much that you go way over what your plan entails – and while I certainly understand that Candy Crush Saga is not going to beat itself, this behavior ultimately costs you a pretty … More →