What’s new in the mobile universe?

How long is a mobile phone contract?

We totally get it – Mobile Phone technology is pretty awesome… but buying it usually isn’t. In my tenure working for Best Buy, I’ve heard time and time again how much anxiety people have around purchasing new connected devices. Exploring the different options, visiting the different carrier stores, dealing with different representatives with varying levels of knowledge – it’s completely understandable. However, I’ve always had … More →

More Everything on Verizon Wireless

It’s time to get more out of your wireless company: More talking, more texting, more data, and of course, more savings. Welcome to Verizon’s More Everything plans. Verizon has made changes to its Share Everything Plans and has already switched customers on Share Everything to the More Everything Plans. Don’t worry these plans do not cost more money so the switch is only for savings. … More →

Analyze Me: How much data is enough for you?

Figuring out the right data package for your mobile carrier can be tricky. The amount of devices (cell phones, tablets, hotspots) you have on your account will determine how large you want that data package to be. More importantly, what you will be using your smartphone for will indicate what size will better suit your needs. To make this task easier, let’s break it down. … More →

Health and fitness made easy with Samsung’s new trackers

Samsung not only introduced their Galaxy S5 at their Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona, but they also brought out a new line of Gear devices. These devices will replace the current gear, and bring a whole lot of new and awesome features that your wrist will surely want! Three new wearables are in the Gear lineup: Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. The … More →

Child Safety for the 21st Century

One time, when I was a little girl, I lost my Dad at a local amusement park. Boy, was that inconvenient! I’d have much rather spent those 45 minutes riding rides or watching the fireworks show instead of heading for the nearest park attendant to help me search for him. Six-year-olds these days have it so much easier! AT&T has launched two new products, the … More →

Play it safe with Geek Squad Protection

Smartphones are certainly not cheap, so you will want to protect your investment in as many ways as possible. Preventative measures such as protective shields and cases help a lot, but they’re not 100% effective. We’ve all had those really clumsy days where you drop your phone and for some reason you try to “catch” it with your foot – you punt the phone and … More →

5 new features of the Samsung Galaxy S 5

Well Samsung’s Unpacked event is over and the announcement has been made on their newest device, the Galaxy S5. This device is absolutely stunning, and Samsung has found ways to pack even more tools to help you with your everyday life into one incredible smartphone. Here are some of my favorite new features: First big feature—the  camera This is the most frequently asked about features … More →

Cool ways to connect via your cell phone

Connectivity has always been an important factor when it comes to smart phones. Smart phones generally help people stay connected to loved ones, to work duties and to the world. And, yet, it is so much bigger than that now. With the help of an Internet connection and Bluetooth device compatibility, this technology can help us get through even the most menial of day-to-day tasks, … More →

Get in Gear with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch

Watches have been around for over a century, and we have been fascinated by them every step of the way. Yet we have been more impressed by the ones we couldn’t have. Particularly the spy watch that took photos or the communicator watches that called your friends.  Yet all you had was your basic timepiece, with maybe a little calculator.  But I gladly say to … More →

Mobile Processors 101: Why smartphones are smarter with an all-in-one processor

What does it mean to have a super-fast  processor in your cell phone and why should you care? Processors effect talking, pictures, video, web browsing, battery usage, and gaming on your cell phone, and they were an unknown entity to this tech girl. Thankfully, our friends at Qualcomm are processor experts. They’ve provided the mobile blog with a primer on the mysterious, the hidden and … More →