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Nokia 520 series offers awesome no contract options

Let’s face it. Some of the best phones are restricted to the firm grasp of the contract carriers. For those out there who throw those commitments to the wind and stick to our wide selection of No-Contract providers, options have been limited to basic phones or android smartphones. Until recently, that is. Nokia launched the Lumia 520-series last year, an entry-level hardware line that helped … More →

Motorola Moto X

Months of rumors and speculation have come to an end. Motorola today announced the highly anticipated Moto X. This launch marks the first phone designed by Motorola under Google’s guidance since the acquisition. It’s worth noting that the Moto X is the first smartphone to be designed and assembled in the USA and its coming to Best Buy. Moto X has some impressive tech nestled … More →

Air View and Air Gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a myriad of touchless features which let you control the phone without laying a finger on the screen. You can activate the gestures by going to Settings >My Devices>Motions and Gestures on your S4. Here is a tour of the smart features built into the S4: Air Gestures Quick Glance:  If your S4 is lying on a flat surface, with … More →

How to upload your music to Google Play Music

Google Play Music garnered a bit of extra attention after launching its new All Access service last month. While All Access is certainly a strong option which anyone looking for an Internet-radio alternative to Spotify or Pandora should consider checking out, Google’s music service got its start as a cloud-based media player for music you already own and still excels in that arena. Play Music … More →

Meet two Smart tablets from Asus

In the electronics industry, new and improved products come out very quickly, whether it be smartphones, laptops or tablets – and there are a lot of options to choose from. While the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab are all popular choices when it comes to tablets, if you’re in the market for the latest, it wouldn’t hurt to check out what … More →

How to change camera settings on your HTC phone

Changing camera and video settings on your HTC phone On the Viewfinder screen, tap . As well as changing basic camera and video settings, you can also: Change the review duration to set how long a captured photo or video will be displayed on the Review screen before the camera changes back to the Viewfinder screen. Automatically take a shot when your subject smiles (photo mode … More →

How to take and share photos on your Motorola phone

Taking and sharing photos that will last  a lifetime is easy with your Motorola smartphone. Just follow the steps below. Touch  >  Camera Tip: When the smartphone is locked, touch  and flick to  Camera.   Tip: Press the volume keys to zoom in and out on the viewfinder image. To take the photo, touch . Your smartphone stores the photo, and shows a thumbnail image in the corner of the screen. To see thephoto you just took, … More →

Discover your world with knowledge building apps

Sometimes we forget that our phones are more than just texting machines with a camera, microphone, and a set of speakers built in. The present day’s smartphone is a tool that is used to not only make life easier, but to help us explore our world. We can look up a solution to almost any question with a device that we carry in our pocket. … More →

How to play music on your Samsung phone

The Music Player allows you to play music files stored on the device or optional microSD™ card. Music Player supports the following music file types: AAC, AAC+, AC-3, AMR(NB), AMR(WB), eAAC+, EVRC, EVRC-B, FLAC, MIDI, MP3, OGG, QCELP, WAV, WMA, and XMF.  Accessing Music Player Touch Apps  > Music. Your mobile device will search for music on your device and microSD™ card. The Music Player application has … More →

How to use your Motorola phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

Follow these steps to set up and enable your device for the mobile hotspot feature to allow other devices to connect via Wi-Fi wireless Internet access.  To Activate the Mobile Hotspot   You can simply tap the Mobile Hotspot  widget if found on your home screen, otherwise follow these steps: From the Home key, press the Menu button Tap Settings Tap Wireless and networks Tap Tethering & Mobile Hotspot Tap Mobile hotspot You’ll be … More →