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Device compatibility is expanding your world

Today’s technologies allow us to connect our devices wirelessly through several different avenues. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a couple of the different networking technologies that allow you to transfer files and do wireless streaming. They each have their perks and drawbacks, which are reviewed here. Then we’ll look at cool ways to use these technologies in your home. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi, or “wireless internet”, is most commonly … More →

Bose SoundLink Mini fits in the palm of your hand

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. You could be relaxing on the beach, you could be hanging out with friends at home or you could be at work making a presentation. The new Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker will provide you the full, natural sound you want on the go, everywhere you go. The Bose SoundLink Mini is an ultra-compact speaker … More →

Get loud with Zooka Bluetooth speaker by Carbon Audio

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Zooka, by Carbon Audio! What is that? It sounds like a character from Dr. Seuss, but Zooka is a very slim, portable, attachable, wireless speaker. To some this concept may seem overdeveloped. It seems like every gadget company – Jawbone, JBL, Monster, and Sony just to name a few – is offering new portable Bluetooth speakers. As I started to play … More →